April 2018


Two weeks before the UN Security Council visit to Burma/Myanmar, its government is spreading false and misleading claims.


As reported by CNN on April 16: “In a statement on Saturday, Myanmar said it had repatriated the first Rohingya family from refugees who have fled to Bangladesh. However, the UNHCR, the UN's refugee agency, said in a statement on Sunday that it had no direct knowledge of the case and was not consulted or involved in this reported return. Bangladesh's Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner, Abul Kalam, also disputed the claim. "The family who went to Myanmar is part of around 6,000 Rohingya living in the no-man's land camp, on the Myanmar side of the zero line," he told CNN.”


Human rights activists state that returnees will probably be given cards that do not allow permanent legal residence, not to mention citizenship. Current cards contain a statement that the Rohingya have come into the country illegally. Many questions remain about the legal status of any Rohingya that return.


Other experts question the destination of repatriated Rohingya. At the current time, it does not appear that Burma is planning to allow original Rohingya villages to be rebuilt. A newly built “processing camp” is seen in Taung Pyo Letwe, just over the border from Bangladesh.


“When there is impunity for atrocities, mass rape and genocide, how can there be safe conditions for return?” asked Imam Malik, Chair of Burma Task Force. “Concentration camps are not an acceptable option for the Rohingya families forced out of their ancestral homeland.”


Burma Task Force believes that all repatriation must be linked to return of Rohingya land and properties, as well as restoration of citizenship rights.


Photo by: REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain 

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Please contact:


1. Irawaddy Magazine (Burma)


2. Mizzima Magazine (Burma)


3. Frontier Myanmar        


4.You may also wish to tweet the US Embassy in Burma


 Also please tell them, along with Greetings for Burmese New Year:


1.The Myanmar Government should not try to fool the world with fake or misleading repatriation news that has been exposed by the UN and the Government of Bangladesh. The world is watching.


2. Rohingya must be repatriated to their original villages and lands. All stolen properties must be returned or Rohingya must be given adequate reparations.


3. Rohingya repatriation must be linked to restoration of citizenship and employment rights along with freedom of movement.


4. Myanmar media should not allow itself to be intimidated by what happened to the Reuters journalists. Media must play a leadership role in supporting pluralism and coexistence, not oppression of minority groups.

Impunity for military abuse cannot be good for the nation of Myanmar or its future.