MAY 2018

1. Next Steps for Rohingya Bills in the US Congress
2. Rohingya Conference at French Parliament: June 1st
3. German Conference on Rohingya Genocide


Assalamu Alaikum,


US Congress Takes a Step Forward:


Thanks to your phone calls, emails, meetings and our Burma Task Force advocacy day at the U.S.

Congress, the Foreign Relations Committees of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate both
have passed the bills from the committee.

Now it must be voted by House and the Senate before it becomes a law by President’s signature. These
bill will put some sanctions on Burma, allocate more funds for Rohingyas, and fund the State Department
for criminal investigations into the actions of the Burmese government.

However, every year around 5,000 bills are introduced, but only about 200 become law, on average.
It is urgent that we bring popular pressure to bear on our elected representatives to compel them to pass
this bill into law. Please call your elected representatives in the Senate and House, and tell them that:

  • House Resolution 5819 and Senate Bill 2060 must be passed to stop the ongoing genocide in
  • U.S. Congress has the responsibility to take the lead to stop this crime against humanity


Listen to the excellent remarks on this bill from Chairman Royce of the House Foreign Relations
Committee here.


Call your elected representative today! Find your elected representatives in the House and Senate here.


Please donate today to stop genocide of Rohingyas. Thanks to your donations the US financial
assistance to Rohingyas have increased to $200 million dollars.


Attending Paris Rohingya Conference June 1


Contact your friends and diplomats in Europe to attend the Paris Conference on the Rohingya Genocide
to be held on June 1st in the French Parliament. Rohingya leaders along with the French
Parliamentarians, and Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Burma Task Force Chair, will address strategies to
move forward.
Please visit this page to register for the event. Visit the event’s Facebook event page here.


Rohingya Germany Conference


Imam Mujahid was recently in Germany for another international conference on the Rohingya crisis, held
in the city of Cologne, where he met with citizens, lawmakers, and global leaders to share ideas and
forge an action agenda for the Rohingya.
You can read a summary of the proceedings, including Imam Malik’s contributions, here. Burma Task
Force is continuing to pursue the partnerships that came out of this meeting, including a public advocacy
campaign in Germany, the leading country of the European Union.
By building relationships and partnerships with opinion makers, decision makers, and thought leaders in
both the U.S. and Europe, Burma Task Force is pursuing every possible path to resolve the Rohingyas’
situation with dignity and justice.
Please donate today!

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