We have been praising the Bangladesh Government rightfully for opening its borders to Rohingya fleeing from Burma. Bangladeshi people are simply amazing in their personal sacrifices for the refugees.

However, for two days now, Bangladesh border police are blocking boats bringing Rohingyas. We have also learned from reliable sources that Bangladesh government has announced a 22-day ban on all fishing, since it was the fishing boat people who were giving rides to refugees on the southeast shores of Burma. All seaworthy fishing boats/trawlers are banned, while small canoes and kayaks are being used for river crossing.

Those who have violated this ban in the last two days were beaten by the Bangladesh Border Guards, sentenced to 6 months in prison, and had their boats smashed to pieces.

Although some boat people might be bad guys, blocking the whole option means helping Burmese starve the Rohingya people before killing them off.

Please urgently ask Bangladesh to keep welcoming refugees.

Meanwhile, half a million Rohingyas in Burma are in a worse shape than those who are in Bangladesh.

Here is their situation inside Burma:

  • 120,000 were in concentration camps since 2012. Only the UN was allowed to feed them. But the UN was kicked out 45 days ago. No one is feeding these people.

  • Burma, since, has built more such camps probably detaining about 150,000 people. We don't know their situation since no one is allowed to visit them.

  • Another 100,000 to 200,000 are either in forests or mountains, trapped in their villages, or on seashore trying to get to Bangladesh, but their route is blocked by the Burmese army.

  • It is an ongoing genocide. Recently, there were more than 24 attack reports from inside Burma on Rohingyas, including the murder of about 3,000 Rohingyas who were trying to reach Bangladesh.


Call Today

  • Bangladesh Embassy in the US: (202) 244-0183, (202) 244-7216

  • Bangladesh Embassy in Canada: (613) 236-0138

  • Bangladesh Embassy in the UK: (+44 20) 7584-0081

  • Bangladesh Embassy in Malaysia: (+60 3) 2148-7940

  • In other countries, please look up.

Remain Focused on the 4-Week Action Plan

Oct 11: Call-in-day targeting Muslim ambassadors for countries to promote our asks.

Oct 13: A national day of fasting, prayers, and contribution for Burma Task Force.

Oct 29: International day of demonstration against the silence of the world.

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Take Action Please make Dua (prayer) for them every Salat. Call the Bangladesh Ambassador in your country to allow boat people to bring refugees in. Call your country's leaders to: declare it a genocide and invoke the genocide treaty to stop it. support Bangladesh Prime Minister's call for safe zone for Rohingya in Burma defended by the peacekeepers urge Burma to allow humanitarian aid inside Burma or face strongest possible sanctions, and airlift shelter, food, medicine for refugees in Bangladesh.