Burma Task Force (BTF) is a coalition of 19 US and Canadian Muslim organizations, including our parent organization, Justice For All, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to advocating for the Rohingya and ending the genocide in Burma. 

BTF was originally founded in 2013 in response to systematic attacks by the ultra-nationalists Buddhists supported by gov military and security forces in the August of 2012 against the Rohingya minority leading to hundreds of deaths and thousands of casualties. 



1. Recognition of the situation as a genocide.

2. Establishment of a UN-defended safe zone in Myanmar.

3. Transport of emergency aid supplies via airlift to refugee camps.

4. Enforcement of sanctions against the Burmese regime. 




  • Successful advocacy campaign resulting in President Obama speaking up about the Rohingya during his trip to Burma

  • Numerous meetings with US State Department, elected officials, NGOs  and representatives of different UN agencies.

  • Discussions with Refugee and Human Rights organizations to improve the treatment of Rohingya refugees in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh;

  • Sustained campaign of pressure on the Burma opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to speak up for minority rights of Muslims through solidarity demonstrations whereever she traveled in the US

  • Strategic Planning meetings with OIC Ambassador, Envoy and other leaders.

  • Outreach to Muslim community leaders and scores of Mosques nationwide

  • Outreach to cultural workers, artists and musicians to raise awareness of oppression of Rohingya culture;

  • Dialogue activities with Buddhist communities to build trust and publicly confront the extremist 969 movement.

  • About 100,000 people receive our action alert called “Burma Alert.” Averaging twice a month.

  • Strong social media advocacy with over 140,000 people who follow us on Facebook.

  • Media regularly receives our letters about Burmese Muslims; for example so that instead of calling “communal riots” they clearly distinguish the attackers from the victims.And instead of repeating the government version of Rohingyas being illegal Bengalis, reporters  include Rohingya historical claims, ie  that they are living in their ancestral land.

  • Workshops, roundtable and academic conferences organized in multifaith and academic settings to educate diverse communities regarding the severity of anti-Rohingya policies;

  • Several demonstrations have been organized in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Toronto in partnership with other advocacy groups.







Now Can You Help?

Remember, relief supplies are not reaching those in need. Our work is critical in opening up Burma for international media, human rights organizations and the international relief organizations. So please donate generously. This work is eligible for Zakat through the fi sabeelillah category of Zakat and is tax deductible.  The fiscal entity of Burma Task Force is "Justice for All", a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  The Tax ID for Justice for All is 36-4293503. 


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