Jack Kornfield is a Buddhist teacher in California
April 26, 2015

Jack Kornfield is a famous Buddhist teacher who founded Spirit Rock in Northern California, a meditation center and has a sizable following within N. American Buddhist community.

A religion known for nonviolence is being used to fuel a genocidal campaign against the Muslims of Burma. Inside the coming September 2014 Shambhala Sun, Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, who recently returned from Burma, urges us to join the call for peace. A link to the full article appears below — where you can also download and share a PDF of the article — along with with helpful contact info for showing your support and sharing your voice, and the full text of an open letter, “World Buddhist Leaders’ Response to the Growing Ethnic Violence Against Muslims in Myanmar.”

"Of the nearly half a million monks and nuns in Burma, those espousing hatred and supporting violence are a handful, less than one percent. But their message of fear and prejudice resonates because of several factors."

"Fortunately there are also abbots, activists, and Muslim leaders across Burma who embody the Buddha’s admonition to “hold all beings with boundless loving-kindness.” I was inspired by the courage of those who are trying to defuse this deplorable situation. Some work publicly, others behind the scenes, to educate monks and communities in Buddhist teachings about respect, nonviolence, and conflict resolution."

Full Article: http://www.lionsroar.com/buddhists-betray-the-teachings-jack-kornfield-on-the-anti-muslim-violence-in-burma/#more-38207

image by Marcy Harbut

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