Last Thursday we conferenced with new volunteers and developed a concrete strategy to push the campaign against rape of Rohingya women forward; watch for updates soon. 
According to the UN, 52% of Rohingya women fleeing to Bangladesh reported being raped, Cyclone Mora has destroyed Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh where 80% of the populace is women and children, making them even more vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.
We need your support for this campaign more than ever. It is not too late to join and lend a hand to your sisters. 
This Ramadan please support your Rohingya brothers and sisters: donate to Burma Task Force so we can do this important work and follow the action alert below.

Burma Task Force Protest Meets Suu Kyi Visit To Canada

Despite efforts to thwart demonstrations, Outreach Director of Burma Task Force Canada, Ahmed Ramadan along with Rohingya leader Shah Arakani organized an urgent flash protest in Toronto. Demonstrators expressed solidarity with the Rohingya, signs read "We Are All Rohingya," "Help Restore The Rights Of Rohingya," "Suu Kyi lies, Rohingya die" and more. Ramadan, also had a message for the PM of Canada, "This is not a controversial issue. The Rohingya deserve their basic human rights." Ramadan also urged the Prime Minister to press Suu Kyi to "comply with the UN fact finding mission and resume aid."    See the full article here >>

UN Women supporting Rohingya refugee women impacted by Cyclone Mora in Bangladesh

UN Women is helping provide emergency shelters to ensure the safety and protection of thousands of women in two Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh that were struck by Cyclone Mora this week. At least 27 of the refugees were injured by the storm. The majority of the camp residents are women and girls - eighty per cent of the camp residents are women and children who already lived under challenging conditions with unmet basic needs and protection concerns before the cyclone. The women have reported not feeling safe staying in the temporary emergency tents or going to the toilet at night. Particularly vulnerable are female heads of households, single women and single mothers, women with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, and women who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence.    
 See the full article here >>

Action Item: The Congressional Women’s Caucus Must Speak Up For Rohingya Women

104 women hold seats right now in the US Congress. Let them know about Burma’s use of rape as a weapon of war against Rohingya.


First: Click this link to find your representative in the Women’s Caucus.

Second: Fill out the contact form and email your representative with the following points:

Talking Points

  1. Rohingya women are suffering a brutal campaign by the Burmese military in which rape is used as a weapon of war.
  2. According to UN statistics, in a report released in February 2017, 52% of Rohingya women fleeing Burma reported being raped by the Burmese military.
  3. Aung San Suu Kyi, the civilian leader of the government has acknowledged that rape is used by the Burmese military against ethnic minorities in Burma.


  1. We urge you to pass a resolution specifically condemning the Burmese government’s use of rape as a weapon of war.
  2. Officially call on Suu Kyi and the Burmese military to allow a UN inquiry to fulfill its mandate and investigate the claims of mass rape.

Need Volunteers

We still need volunteers like you to help end the Burmese military’s use of rape as a weapon of war against the Rohingya. 
There is something each one of you can do! 

Sign Up and Volunteer Today!

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