September 13, 2016

Harvard must withdraw its nomination of Suu Kyi as its "Humanitarian of the year."

Harvard University, through the auspices of the Harvard Foundation on Intercultural and Race Relations is honoring Aung San Suu Kyi as its "Humanitarian of the year -- 2016" on September, 17. The question that immediately comes to mind is: how is Aung San Suu Kyi deserving of being bestowed with such an award? One can understand if such an award was given to her when she first emerged as an icon for democratic change in Burma/Myanmar. In the decades since then, her "humanitarian" image has been shown, at the very least, to be inconsistent and at the worst a cynical attempt at garnering world sympathy in order to advance her political ambitions. In that time she has failed to speak up for the Rohingya who are considered one of "the most persecuted" peoples on earth according the UN.

Take the following action:
----------1.) Call Harvard Foundation: +1(617)495-1527 and register that this is an inappropriate decision and they must withdraw their nomination of Suu Kyi. (for the reasons listed below).
----------2.) Email the Harvard Foundation's director, Dr. S. Allen Counter: and register that this is inappropriate and a disappointment (for the reasons listed below).
----------3.) Tweet and get others to tweet at Harvard Foundation regarding: & use the hashtag #HarvardHumanitarian.
----------4.) Contact the office of the President of Harvard, Drew Gilpin Faust. Call: (617) 495-1502 Email:
----------5.) Contact Harvard's student paper The Harvard Crimson about this outrage:
Why Suu Kyi is undeserving of this honor:
1. Suu Kyi is undeserving of such an award since for years now she has been unconscionably silent on the plight of the Rohingya, 'one of the most persecuted peoples' on earth according to the UN. The indigenous Rohingya are victims of an on-going genocide according to human rights groups and international law experts.
2. Suu Kyi directed her NLD party not to field a single Muslim, out of the over 1,150 candidates that her party fielded during the 2015 national elections.
3. Suu Kyi has equivocated on the plight of Rohingya vis-a-vis the Rakhine. She has claimed and implied parity in rights abuses, and origin for the spread of violence. All rights groups and neutral observers note that the primary victims of state and mob violence have been the Rohingya.
4. Suu Kyi's NLD party, and the recently announced Advisory Commission has stated that the Rohingya issue is "not a priority" for the government.
5. Not a single Rohingya is represented on the commission headed by Kofi Annan, while two Rakhine representative who have made anti-Rohingya and pro-genocide statements have been appointed.
5. Suu Kyi has never visited a single Rohingya IDP camp. 150,000 Rohingya remain in what has been described as deplorable "21st-centruy concentration camps" by the New York Times.
6. A report of Suu Kyi expressing bigoted anti-Muslim sentiments emerged from a new book detailing an encounter with BBC reporter Mishal Hussain, after which Suu Kyi was heard saying, "No one told me I would be interviewed by a Muslim."
7. Aung Ko, NLD religious affairs appointee calls Burmese Muslims, "associate citizens" implying they are not full citizens. Suu Kyi does not condemn or repudiate Ko.
8. Aung Ko, meets with extremist Buddhist monk, Wirathu, who has led pogroms and incited violence against Muslims and the Rohingya; ostensibly to pay respect to the hate group leader.
9. Suu Kyi caves to extremists and advises foreign nations not to use the name "Rohingya" by which the Rohingya self-identify.
10. Suu Kyi has failed to address the numerous anti-Rohingya/anti-Muslim protests, violence and hatred that has fomented for years among nationalists and extremists.

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