February 27, 2017

Action Item: #Unilever: Live Up To Your Commitment For Socially Responsible Investment. Pakistan Petition: Don’t Sell Jets To Burma Until It Ends Genocide vs. Rohingya

It only takes a few minutes, please take the following actions:

a. Rohingya activists have developed a campaign targeting corporations investing in Burma to live up to their proclaimed standards of being “ethically responsible” in their investments. Follow their website:AllRohingyaNow.com, Twitter: @allrohingyanow

Contact: #Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Contact Form. Twitter: @paulpolman 

Ask: 1)Aside from personally signing the letter of concern addressed to the UN Security Councilregarding ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity committed against the Rohingya, what, if anything, is Unilever doing to advance a positive outcome in this matter? 2.) Can you tell us how peace and stability in the state of Rakhine matters to Unilever?

b. Burma Task Force will deliver a petition to the Pakistani Chief of Army Staff and the Prime Minister: asking them to reconsider selling their JF-17 Fighter Jets to Burma. Such a sale should be conditioned on improvement of Rohingya rights. Not doing so violates the human and Islamic values that Pakistan proclaims. SIGN & SHARE THIS PETITION.

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