Host a Callathon

Host a Callthon in your home: invite friends and family over for tea or coffee during the daytime (when Embassies and UN Missions are open) and go through the lists of UN Missions and embassies and State Department numbers together.

Action Alert: The reason your phone calls in the next couple of weeks are critical

The UN General Assembly has begun. It happens once a year.
The UN Security Council will meet.
All the world's leaders will gather in New York at this time.

This week the UN has issued a 440-page report calling the persecution and displacement of Rohingya a genocide. But the Rohingya people don't need any more reports. The UN must follow all the recommendations made by the Fact-Finding Report and not turn a blind eye.

 But unless YOU push for action nothing will happen. And here is what Rohingyas are looking for:

Call-in Campaign for UN Missions


Good morning! We are calling on behalf of Burma Task Force and your organization to encourage the (XXX) Mission to oppose genocide and to support human rights protections at the United Nations and in your foreign policy. Who should we be speaking to on staff about human rights protections in Burma?


Can you put us through to him/her? Can you put us through to the Ambassador's office?


Do you have their email addresses?


Call- In Campaign: List Of Embassies You Must Contact

Here is a list of Embassies and Ambassadors you should get in touch with to advocate for the Rohingya:


ASEAN States

Brunei Darussalam

H.E. Ambassador Dato Paduka Haji Serbini bin Haji Ali

(202) 237-1838

Call Embassies of Muslim Majority Countries To Stand Up For Rohingya and Uyghurs



Please call ambassadors of Muslim-Majority countries to the United Nations 

Ask them to:

1) Push the UN Security Council to call it genocide and put full sanctions on Burma until it takes back all Rohingya giving them citizenship and security. 

2) Ask China to stop its anti-Muslim attitude: after supporting Rohingya genocide China has detained 3 million Muslims in concentration camps without trial or charge. 

3) Ask China not to veto UN resolutions on Burma.

List Of Embassies and Ambassadors

A list of embassies and ambassadors you should reach out to:


Brunei DarussalamDato Paduka Haji Serbini bin Haji Ali(202) 237-1838info@bruneiembassy.org3520 International Court, NW, Washington DC 20008

CambodiaH.E. Ambassador Mr. Chum, Sounry(202) 726-7742camemb.usa@mfa.gov.kh4530 16th Street, NW, Washington DC 20011