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Donate to Stop Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma Donate

We put this cause on an International agenda with your help It is because of your help the case against Burmese military is in the International Court of Justice.

Your Donation will enable us stop genocide of Rohingyas

The Rohingya Genocide in numbers:

  • Over 350 Rohingya villages destroyed
  • 2-3 million Rohingya scattered around the world
  • The largest refugee camp in the world contains Rohingyas
  • Over half of Rohingya refugee women report of rape or sexual abuse

Support efforts to reach these strategic goals:

  • Recognize it as a genocide
  • Establish a safe protected zone for Rohingyas in their ancestral land in Burma for their safe return
  • Enforce comprehensive sanctions against the Burmese military
  • Allow full education to Rohingya refugees
  • Give formal refugee status to Rohingyas in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh

What you should know of Burma:

  • Burma (Myanmar) is a Southeast Asian nation
  • The military which conducted the Rohingya genocide is in power
  • China, India and Russia are selling arms to Burma’s military
  • Sustained pressure is required to prevent crimes against humanity after the recent coup

We need your continued support to reach our goals. Please donate and help us help the Rohingya.

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