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Volunteer For Let Rohingya Learn

Thank you for willing to volunteer for the Let Rohingya Learn campaign. You must be as outraged as we are that Rohingyas are not allowed to study beyond 3rd grade. 

Thanks to volunteers like you, the Burma Task Force was able to get the US government to donate 1.3 billion dollars of our tax money to the welfare of Rohingyas. That is the power of advocacy. Now with your help, we want all aid for Rohingyas and Bangladesh to be tied to lifting all restrictions on the education of Rohingyas in Bangladesh. 

We have let the National Security Council and the White House know that this is what we want. They have our memos and the report. 

Now we need to build a campaign of pressure. It can be done with your help. 

Fill out this form to become an official Ambassador and receive your Let Rohingya Learn Tracker

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