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Action Alert: Call Out Pakistan and Bangladesh’s attending Myanmar Celebration

Honor our Heroes Awards Ceremony 2021

Action Alert

In the wake of the recent coup in Burma, the difficult and risky struggle for democracy is not simply a…

Justice For All Event at United Nations Commission on the Status of Women On Rohingya, Uyghur, Kashmir and India

Things to do for Burma

Justice is for all, not only for “our” communities. Think globally, and put human rights values into action!

Since 2012, Burma Task Force has worked to challenge the genocidal policies of the Burmese Government targeting the Rohingya Muslim minority with mass rapes, mass atrocities and mass displacement. Facebook has been slow to stop incitement to violence. China protects its client state Burma from international sanctions. Some governments continue to sell arms to the brutal Burmese military. Even the US State Department is reluctant to declare the crisis a genocide. Therefore millions of Rohingya women, men and children continue to suffer, imprisoned in refugee and displacement camps, not only in Bangladesh and Burma, but throughout the region.

The challenge we face is not limited to providing humanitarian aid such as healthcare and food. The Pandemic has complicated even basic services, but what about refugee access to work and to education? What kind of future will the Rohingya endure without rights, without justice? Without your help, Rohingya children will have no hope of a normal life.

Rohingya are human beings, not threats and not problems. Please help us advocate for these sisters and brothers.

Let us stand together in unity and support.

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