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D.C. Vigil And Ministerial Conference On Religious Freedom

D.C. Vigil and Ministerial Conference on Religious Freedom

As you know, religious freedoms of Muslims and other minorities are constantly under attack around the world.

However, in Burma, Rohingya Muslims and Kachin Christians both together have lost at least 1,000 Masjids and Churches. Both have lost 300-plus each villages as well.

40 Foreign Ministers and 80 countries recently participated in a 3-day conference organized by the US State Department. The conference took place from July 24th-26th in Washington D.C.

Imam Malik Mujahid represented the Faith Coalition to Stop Genocide in Burma and Adem Carol represented Burma Task Force along with Kachin and Rohingya leaders, who were also in attendance.

The outcome of the conference was fruitful in helping persuade U.S. officials to pursue harsher measures against the Burmese regime, including economic sanctions. Comprehensive sanctions, exempting food and medicine supplies, are one of the best tools we have to coerce regimes that commit human rights abuses.

Please see my recent contributed article in the Washington Examiner, “Burma’s bloody persecution rohingyas demands a U.S. response,” if you would like more detailed information about the sanctions issue.

Peace and blessings upon you and your loved ones, and as always thank you for your generous support for our endangered Rohingya brothers and sisters.

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