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Our Achievements


1.   House resolution declaring genocide in Burma

2.   Stronger partnerships with and between Burmese leaders & ethnic groups

3.   Helped create broader environment of public pressure that contributed to the State Department’s comprehensive report on atrocities in Burma

4.   Major increases in aid to Rohingya refugees: $400 million in the U.S., $300 million in the coming years from Canada

5.   Republican National Committee recognized genocide in Burma

6.   Canadian government officially recognized genocide in Burma

7.   Tula Toli documentaries that aired on national cable news outlets like CNN

8.   Retained barristers at the International Criminal Court to further develop a case against Burmese government

9.   Helped create broader environment of public pressure that prompted the UN Fact-Finding Mission in Burma

10.   Filed a civil lawsuit against Burmese government

11.   Collected and translated 160 personal testimonies from Rohingya victims of atrocities

12.   Created Faith Coalition

13.   Only entity working on the Burma/Rohingya issue to have retained lobbying & PR firms dedicated solely to this issue

14.   Mobilized evangelical Christians to sign statement of support

15.   Brought together fragmented Rohingya leadership in the U.S.

16.   Held a roundtable for Rohingya and Kachin, brought together Rohingya, Karen, and Kachin in common purpose for the first time

17.   Continuous education & advocacy through print media, videos, action alerts & newsletters

18.   Sewing program for Rohingya victims of gender violence

19.   Media rapid response helped stop attacks against Rohingya on 4 occasions

20.   Convened a gathering of Nobel laureates in Oslo to issue joint statement of support for Rohingya and condemning genocide

21.   Trained Buddhist monks and other faith leaders to act on behalf of the Rohingya

22.   Helped aid agencies regain temporary access to camps

23.   Rohingya Advocacy Day and other rallies generating exposure and attention for the cause

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