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Al-Jazeera Airs Report On The Genocide Of The Rohingya

Al-Jazeera ran a report this weekend called “The Hidden Genocide,” about the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Burma.

The piece includes interviews with several Rohingya refugees who watched family members and friends die in the violence that took place over the summer in Rakhine state.

The story also chronicles the events leading up to the violence and how the Burmese government has reacted. The Burmese government had already issued a statement decrying the Al-Jazeera report prior to its airing, saying that what’s happening to the Rohingya is not genocide.

However, in the broadcast, Professor William Schabas, the former president of the International Associate of Genocide Scholars, says:
“When you see measures preventing births, trying to deny the identity of the people, hoping to see that they really are eventually, that they no longer exist; denying their history, denying the legitimacy of their right to live where they live, these are all warning signs that mean it’s not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide.”

Watch the full investigative piece below.


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