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President Obama Mentions Rohingya During Burma Visit

President Obama stopped in Burma for 6 hours on Monday, Nov. 19 and spoke at University of Yangon.

In that speech, Obama made a mention of the violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the western state of Rakhine that has left hundreds dead and thousands homeless.

“For too long, the people of this state, including ethnic Rakhine, have faced crushing poverty and persecution. But there’s no excuse for violence against innocent people,” Obama said during his speech at the university.

“The Rohingya … hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do. National reconciliation will take time, but for the sake of our common humanity, and for the sake of this country’s future, it’s necessary to stop incitement and to stop violence.”

Obama also said he welcomed “the government’s commitment to address the issues of injustice, and accountability, and humanitarian access and citizenship”.


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