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Telenor: Speak Up For Rohingya

b. Tweet and post to Facebook messages to Telenor. 

Ask them to take a public stand for the protection of the Rohingya and a return of their citizenship.

Twitter accounts: @TelenorGroup@Telenor_mm;@Telenor_TGS@Sigve_telenor@ABrodtkorb; @MaiOldgard@ehbok

TeleNor GroupTelenor Myanmar

Talking Points:

  • It is Telenor’s responsibility, and in their interest to speak out against the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya.
  • Sign the letter of concern addressed to the UN Security Council, signed by over a dozen Nobel Prize winners calling on Burma to end ethnic cleansing and restore Rohingya rights.

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For more on our efforts, please read: Will Telenor Stand With Rohingya? Activists Await An Answer

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