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Take Action: #FreeMamedullah



Arbitrary arrest and detention is a hallmark of the Burmese military and Border Police. In the recent “clearance operation” six Rohingya have died in custody, raising concerns of torture. 

Mamedullah, an innocent Rohingya man was beaten and detained, a picture of him and three other men was posted to Facebook by the Burmese President’s Office as “proof” of its success against “militants” despite no evidence. His friends and family are deeply worried about his fate. 

You can help Mamedullah by taking the action items in the alert below. We hope Mamedullah and the innocent men with him will be immediately released!

Action Alert: #FreeMamedullah

Mamedullah, is a highly respected Rohingya man from Buthidaung township and one of a few Rohingya men who despite all odds was able to get an education; graduating with a degree in Physics. Since graduating he has worked as a volunteer teacher for the community and opened up his own shop in the market. 

Now Mamedullah has been arrested, detained and beaten by Burmese military. Burma’s President’s Office even posted a photo to Facebook of Mamedullah on the same day he was beaten and detained alongside 3 other men, accusing them of storing home-made guns on a betel farm. Interviews with villagers note that there are no guns in the village. They believe Mamedullah has been targeted because he is educated.  Join us in calling on Burma to #FreeMamedullah.


National League for Democracy (central) office 
No. (97 / B), West Shwegondine Road, Bahan Township, Yangon. 
Phone: 01-555516

Central Online Media Team 
Hotline: 09 261773380 
Viber Message: 09 261773381 

Myanmar National Human Rights Commission
Chairman U Win Mra 
Dr. Myint Kyi 

Scot Marciel, US Ambassador to Burma
Phone: (95)-(9)-512-4330
Address: 110 University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Twitter: @USEmbassyBurma 
Facebook: click here


  • Mamedullah should be immediately freed.
  • The Burmese military and Border Police must stop its documented arbitrary arrests, detentions and the use of torture.
  • The Burmese President’s office should not be posting prejudicial FB posts that picture so-called “captured militants” when a case has not even begun, nor evidence gathered.


  • Mamedullah has no record of espousing or participating in militancy.
  • Villagers have related that there are no weapons in their village.
  • All members of Mamedullah’s community and village attest that he is upstanding.

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