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India: Do Not Deport Rohingya!

Action Items: India: Do Not Deport Vulnerable Rohingya!

India has only settled 14,000 Rohingya refugees out of the 1.2 million who are displaced throughout the region and is now poised to deport 10,000 to Burma where they face persecution.


a. Indian Ambassador to the US: 
H.E. Navtej Sarna. 
Tel: 202 939 7010
Email: Facebook:Click here.
Twitter:  Click here.

b. Secretary General of the National Human Rights Commission of India: Shri Satyanarayan Mohanty. 
Tel: 91-11-24663211. 

You may wish to cc former UN Envoy to Burma Vijay Nambiar as well: 

Talking Points

  • India should not deport Rohingya to Burma where they are stripped of citizenship, face violence, arrest, restrictions on movement and access to education and healthcare.
  • India has until now respected the UNHCR mandate for refugees from Burma. It must continue to do so and not deport Rohingya.
  • India must officially urge Burma to recognize the Rohingya minority, close IDP camps, restore all rights and integrate Rohingya back into public life.

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