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URGENT: Call Your Representative Now


An urgent 10-minute action is needed today, right now.

Just a couple of calls will do. One should go to your representative’s DC office and another to his/her local office. And then forward this message to someone who cares for you.

First Step:

Click here to find out is your Congressperson’s local and DC office phone.

Second Step:

If you already know your representative call at (202) 224-3121 asking to connect to his/her office. Once connected to the office say that you would like to speak to the staff responsible for foreign policy.

What to Say:

Tell them that you live in his/her constituency. If you voted for her/him state that as well.

Tell them that you are calling to urge your representative to vote supporting Rep. Engel’s amendment to the NDAA imposing sanctions on Burma’s army.

Follow up:

Send an email later asking the staffer to tell you about the Congressperson’s vote. Ask staffer for his or her email. Otherwise know that the House staffer’s email will follow this format: “[first name].[last name]”.

Here is the background.

Since Senator McConnell is blocking the vote in the Senate for Bill 2060 although it has been passed by the Foreign Relations committees, as good politicians do, the focus of our allies in the House and the Senate has shifted to attaching some of the provision of these bills to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which makes it easier to get these sanctions passed.

This is not everything Burma Task Force wants, but it is critical to support each step in the right direction.

More information:

Here is a link to the actual amendment.

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