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Refugees Starting New Life In The US Heartland

Saeedah Abubakar, a Rohingya Muslim, left her homeland with her husband, a Buddhist, in order to escape religious persecution, and ended up in Omaha, Nebraska, in the heartland of the United States. 

      According to WOWT News, Abubakar and her children attend Omaha Yates School, “a unique Pre-K program which helps young children and their parents learn English and adjust to their new lives in Nebraska. Last year, the program served more than 600 refugee parents.”

      Read the rest of the story here.

      Although there has been an increase in the number of refugees who actually find a home in other countries, many more continue to be persecuted in Burma, become victims of trafficking in countries such as Malaysia, and many are stranded in areas where the officials refuse to recognize them as refugees.


 Burma Task Force encourages everyone to use the hashtag #LetRohingyaVote in their social media posts. Let’s make this a trending topic and raise awareness about this injustice!

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