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Myanmar Election Body Rejects Muslim Parliamentary Candidates

According to an article in Radio Free Asia, 17 out of 18 members of the Democracy and Human Rights Party, an Islamic party, were rejected by Myanmar’s Union Election Commission. This could cause the party to disband, since law requires that at least three candidates be sent forth from a party.

      The party will appeal the decisions made by the UEC.

      The party’s chairman, Kyaw Min, said the commission didn’t give precise details about the reasons behind rejection.

      “The rejection is based not on law; they don’t want to give us [political] space,” said Kyaw Min. “If it’s in the law, they why could we stand in the past? We could stand in the 1990 elections as well as the 2010 elections…. We are discouraged by the decision, and we don’t see this is a good sign. I think the words like ‘all-inclusiveness’ and ‘transparency’ are not that right here in this case.” 

      Read the rest of the story here.


      Burma Task Force encourages everyone to use the hashtag #LetRohingyaVote in their social media posts. Let’s make this a trending topic and raise awareness about this injustice!

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