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Historical Statement In Support Of Rohingya By Kachin

Jinghpaw Wunpawng Amyu Sha Hpung
Kachin National Organization

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(August 25, 2018):
Today marks the first anniversary of the start of the violence committed by the government of Burma and its army, Tatmadaw, on the people of Rohingya which resulted in mass atrocities and forced displacement in Rakhine State. We, KNO-US urge international communities to take meaningful actions to address persistent impunity in Burma.

For the powerless, in the country of Burma, prejudice and injustice were all too familiar for decades under the Bama rules. These systemic oppressions transformed into extrajudicial killings, rapes, and razing villages in Rakhine state on August 2017 forced 700,000 Rohingyas to date, majority children, to flee for their lives. The violence perpetrated by the army of the government is not a new thing in the minorities region across the country because of the freedom army possess from the injurious consequences of their crimes.

To clean up military mess, the leaders of the government throw around terms like peace, reconciliation, and dignified co-existence, yet militarization only intensify in those areas consistently. It creates more problems because Burmese military soldiers were exclusively trained for hostile environments not to co-exist with the civilians. It is important to understand the trend: not to rely on lip services but to the implementation of the promises.

As Burma is trying to build a nation to safeguard the betterment of the people, it must not built on prejudice or injustice on any particular race or ethnicity. And it is also the duty of the supporters in making sure that they do not sponsor “the ethnic cleansing” projects. We call upon international community to:

1) Ensure the safety of Rohingya returnees,

2) Swift process of Rohingyas status within the country compatible with international laws and

3) Pursue justice for perpetrators by all necessary means including ICC referral to
comprehensive sanctions (that worked before), and

4) Enforce stricter rules of supports to ensure that crime against humanity in Burma abated to
unheeded foe.

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