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Protest Meet Suu Kyi Visit To Canada

Aung San Suu Kyi and the Canadian government only let it be known that she would visit Canada a week prior to her arrival on June 5th to meet with PM Justin Trudeau; Suu Kyi will be in Canada from June 5th-9th. The reason for the hush announcement and the secrecy of where and when meetings will take place is obvious: wherever Suu Kyi goes she will meet protesters who will loudly call her out for her complicity in a ruling government in which the military persecutes minorities, and pushes genocide against the Rohingya Muslims. 

Despite these efforts to thwart demonstrations, Outreach Director of Burma Task Force Canada, Ahmed Ramadan along with Rohingya leader Shah Arakani organized an urgent flash protest in Toronto. Demonstrators expressed solidarity with the Rohingya, with signs reading “We Are All Rohingya,” “Help Restore The Rights Of Rohingya,” “Suu Kyi lies, Rohingya die” and more.

Ramadan, also had a message for the PM of Canada, “This is not a controversial issue. The Rohingya deserve their basic human rights.” Ramadan also urged the Prime Minister to press Suu Kyi to “comply with the UN fact finding mission and resume aid.” Toronto Star writer Peter Goodspeed, wrote a scathing article underlying that it is time for Suu Kyi to be told hard truths, that it is past time that Rohingya are treated like human beings and accorded the rights of citizenship they were stripped of years ago.

Burma Task Force USA is the only organized advocacy effort putting pressure on Burmese and international governments to end the genocide against the Rohingya and restore their rights as full citizens in their homeland. Every dollar you give goes to helping the Rohingya secure their rights: DONATE TODAY.

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