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VICE News Reports On Escaping From Burma

At short 17 minute video shot by VICE reporters in Rohingya camps in Burma and visiting the Rohingya refugee community in Malaysia. It is an all too familiar scene that the world has grown accustomed to: suffering Rohingya families, who have lost children on perilous boat journeys, suffer from malnutrition and endemic health issues. In Malaysia, life isn’t much easier, as refugees there is hardly any prospects for employment and as stateless individuals their predicament is made worse.

“The Rohingya people, a Muslim minority community, suffers from widespread persecution and discrimination in the majority Buddhist country of Myanmar. Violent sectarian clashes and rioting have destroyed villages and homes, leaving many Rohingyas with no option but to live in government-controlled camps for the internally displaced. The camps are overcrowded, and medical facilities are in short supply.

Those who flee Myanmar to seek a better life in Malaysia risk their lives making the perilous crossing over the sea. On the boats that ferry them, extortion, beatings, and starvation are commonplace. Upon arriving in Malaysia, for some, life is no better.”




Vice News




Ma Ba Tha

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