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This is Mamedullah, age 27. His full name is Muhammed Ullah but his friends and family call him Mamedullah for short. He is one of the few Rohingya to gain himself an education in his village in Maung Gyi Taung in Buthidaung township, against all the odds. He studied physics for three years at Sittwe University, graduating with a Physics Major degree in 2012.

On 4th January at 2am in the morning soldiers and police besieged his village and made an announcement by loud speaker for someone from every household to report to the school in the morning. At 6 am, Mamedullah went with his elderly father to the school. They knew that they were at risk of torture, as had happened in other villages before, but they didn’t want any punishment to come down on their family so they followed orders. At the school, the military began to beat Mamedullah’s father, Mamed Ameen. Mahmedullah could not bear to see his father hurt in that way so he called on the troops to leave his father alone and to beat him instead, so the military beat Mamedullah as well. They beat him until he was in a serious condition, and then they arrested him and took him away along with some other innocent young men.

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