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Call Embassies Of Muslim Majority Countries To Stand Up For Rohingya And Uyghurs

Please Call Ambassadors Of Muslim-Majority Countries To The United Nations 

Ask them to:

1) Push the UN Security Council to call it genocide and put full sanctions on Burma until it takes back all Rohingya giving them citizenship and security. 

2) Ask China to stop its anti-Muslim attitude: after supporting Rohingya genocide China has detained 3 million Muslims in concentration camps without trial or charge. 

3) Ask China not to veto UN resolutions on Burma.

Embassy of Bangladesh: Phone: 202-244-0183 • Email:• Facebook:

Embassy of Indonesia: Phone: 202-775-5200 • Email: http:/ • Twitter: ‎@KBRIWashDC

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Phone: 202-243-6500• @PakEmbassyDC

Turkish Embassy: Phone: 202-612-6701• Email: • Twitter: @TurkishEmbassy

Embassy of Jordan: 202-966-2664 • Email: Twitter: @JoEmbassyUSA

Qatar Embassy: Phone: 202-274-1600• Email:• Twitter: @QatarEmbassyUSA

Embassy of Malaysia: Phone: 202-572-9700 • Email:• Twitter: @@MYembassyWDC

Embassy of Bosnia Herzegovina: Phone: 1-202-337- 1500 • Email: and• Facebook:

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