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What happened:

• A boat carrying Rohingya camp residents capsized, killing 22 passengers.

• Using the name Rohingya, a practice adopted by President Obama thanks to Burma Task Force and your efforts, the US embassy in Burma released a statement expressing condolences for their deaths.

• Extremist Buddhist monks and their supporters protested outside the US embassy, demanding they stop using the name “Rohingya” to describe the persecuted minority.

• Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the Foreign Ministry, sides with the racist monks, issues advisory to foreign embassies to not use “Rohingya.”

One Minute Action:

• If you have one minute contact the State Department.

• Take just 10 minutes to contact the White House, State Department, the US Ambassador and the Burmese ambassador to the USA.

Talking Points:

• Thank US State Dept and President Obama for using the name “Rohingya” and ask them to protest Burmese government on violating UN charter by denying the right of self-identification

• The Rohingya are indigenous peoples, living in their ancestral lands.

• The Rohingya were always citizens and have always voted until they were stripped of it by the military dictatorship.

• Extremist Buddhists are using Islamophobia to incite against the Rohingya Muslims.

Contact Information:

• President Barack Obama White House, Phone number for comments: 202-456-1111, Switchboard: 202-456-1414, Twitter: @ BarackObama, @whitehouse, Facebook:

• Secretary John Kerry Department of the Secretary of State, Phone number: 202-647-9572, Twitter: @JohnKerry, @StateDept, Contact

• Scot Marciel US Ambassador to Burma, Phone number: (95)-(9)-512-4330, Twitter: @USEmbassyBurma, Facebook: https://www.

• U Kyaw Myo Htut Burmese Ambassador to the USA, Phone number(s): (202) 332-3344, (202) 332-4350, Open from 4:00 AM – 10:00 PM every day

Do a Bit More to Stop this Genocide:

• Post it on your Facebook.

• Sign up on the website to receive this alert electronically: • Hashtag: #Rohingya #Genocide #Myanmar Hashtag: #Rohingya #Genocide #Myanmar & Please Donate Today!

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