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Mohibullah: Burma Task Force deplores murder of prominent leader.

29 September 2021

Burma Task Force deplores today’s murder of Rohingya leader Mohibullah and urges the Bangladeshi authorities to conduct a credible investigation into these tragic events. International community organizations should also work to advocate for refugee camp security that protects all Rohingya from such violence. It is crucial to closely monitor the investigation into these tragic events.

Burma Task Force Chairman Imam Malik Mujahid stated, “All friends of the Rohingya are shocked and grieve at this loss. Br Mohibullah was a very well respected Rohingya leader who met with policymakers and world leaders, including President Donald Trump at the White House. Mohibillah tried to educate him on the Rohingya genocide. How could this killing have happened in a camp that is closed with barbed wire fences?”

Burma Task Force Team Lead Adem Carroll commented, “Many in the international human rights community will question whether the investigation into this murder will be fair and effective. We are not fully convinced by previous investigations, for example into previous security incidents like the deadly fires that destroyed hundreds of homes in the camps. We urge international partners in Bangladesh to engage with the local authorities and independently assess the quality of the investigations.”

Burma Task Force Calls for security measures but also a greater engagement and empowerment of Rohingya leaders, who can be partners for the local authorities. Conditions in these refugee camps are far too restrictive, denying 600,000 children access to education and cutting back the few paid jobs that Rohingya can obtain in the camps.

May we express sympathy for the loved ones and solidarity with the Rohingya community. This is an opportunity to come together in unity and work for the ideas for which Br Mohibullah stood for.

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