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#Unilever CEO “Stands Firm” With Nobel Laureates Call For Investigation

Unilever’s CEO, Paul Polman expressed his personal support for the rights of the Rohingya and after a week of tweets, contacts and the campaign by #WeAreAllRohingya Unilever has officially stated, through a tweet that it “stands firm” with the two dozen Nobel Laureates who have pressed for Burma to end atrocities against the Rohingya and restore their rights. Unilever‏Verified account @Unilever

Unilever stands firm with Nobel Peace laureates calling for action from UN Sec Council to protect the Rohingya…

This is a welcome and positive development, however more needs to be done. We urge Unilever to continue its positive engagement, after all it invests half a billion dollars in Burma and proclaims to be a “socially responsible” corporation. It can definitely do a lot more and doing so would set it apart as a unique multi-national.

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