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Your 5 Minutes TODAY Are Critical For Rohingyas

We have reached a pivotal point in our efforts to deliver justice for the Rohingya.

Your 5 minutes today and tomorrow will make a huge difference.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is on the verge of making a major decision to officially call the actions of the Burmese army a ‘genocide.’ If he officially calls it genocide, it will mean the U.S. government will be obligated to prevent and punish genocide.

It is now or never.

For six years we have been working tirelessly for this moment. If Secretary Pompeo does not formally declare it genocide, we don’t know if another opportunity will arrive. He is leaning towards the right decision, but there are people who are against it. We need to apply as much pressure as we can at this critical time to nudge him toward doing the right thing.

Make 3 Calls Today:

1) Call the Secretary of State’s office at (202) 647-4000, and select option “4” to speak to an operator request to be transferred to the Public Comment Line to convey the following message to Secretary of State Pompeo’s office:

“I am calling to request that Secretary Pompeo declare Burmese crimes against Rohingyas a genocide! I sincerely appreciate the State Department’s Rohingya survey. I hope that the Secretary will make the morally responsible decision to save the Rohingya and deliver justice by imposing full sanctions, except food and medicine, on Burma.”

2) Call the White House’s comments line: (202) 456-1111. If you cannot get through, dial this number: (202)-456-1414 and ask to be transferred to the Public Comment Line to make a comment for the President. Say the following:

President Trump needs to ask the State Department to declare Burmese crimes against Rohingyas a genocide! I thank our government for the aid sent to Rohingyas. I hope that the President will make the morally responsible decision to save the Rohingya and deliver justice by imposing full sanctions, except food and medicine, on Burma.

3) Call your U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask to speak to your state’s Senators and Congressional Representatives. Request that they push Secretary of State Pompeo to make the right decision on Burma!

Join a Twitter Storm (11 AM-3 PM USA Eastern Standard Time)

Please tweet using hashtags: #CallitGenocide and/or #SaveRohingyaNow.

Here are some sample tweets:

.@SecPompeo, please do the right thing: #CallitGenocide and #SaveRohingyaNow ! Click To Tweet

I thank @SecPompeo for his leadership, and respectfully request that they honor their commitments to peace and freedom by re-instating sanctions on Burma’s criminal regime and allowing a safe return for the Rohingya. #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

It was premeditated @SecPompeo #CallitGenocide”
Click to Tweet

We appreciate the State Dept’s investigating the persecution of the Rohingya #CallitGenocide We ask for full sanctions on Burma – with the exception of food and medicine Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo Thank u for the survey of Rohingyas. There is plenty of evidence  to #callitGenocide & put full sanctions on Burma, minus food & medicine, to prevent and punish this genocide. President Obama made a mistake by lifting all sanctions from Burma. #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo Thank u for the Rohingya survey. It is a genocide. Please #CallitGenocide. Here is what a Buddhist Burmese scholar wrote about it in a Journal of Law. This genocide by Burma must be stopped. Place full sanctions, minus food medicine:

#SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo There were full sanctions on Burma before Pres. Obama rescinded them. Burma has forced out a million Rohingya, burnt 400 villages, killed, raped, and destroyed everything Rohingya. Place full sanctions to prevent and punish minus food/medicine. #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo The UN says that 52.1% of all Rohingya women they interviewed were raped. That was an intentional strategy of Burma to destroy Rohingyas as people. #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo About 500,000 Rohingyas are still in Burma. 1.1 million are in Bangladesh and another million in the rest of the world. Rohingyas are indigenous people of Burma subject to genocide. #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

.@SecPompeo @FortifyRights documents evidence of ‘genocide.’ Seven Nobel Peace Laureates call it “a text book case of genocide.” The United Nations human rights chief calls for Burma to be referred to the international Criminal Court #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingyaNow Click To Tweet

This is the culmination of years of hard work. The time for talk is over. It is time for action. With your help, we can move the Secretary of State in the right direction. Please take ten minutes of your time to help with this urgent matter.

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