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Take Action To Stop Genocide In Burma

Call these Embassies to stop the genocide:

Call these United Nations Missions to stop the genocide:

Next 7-10 days are the most critical days for Rohingya. Iron is hot not to strike to get it declared a genocide

Your phone calls and prayers are making a difference. This month is quite critical for Rohingyas. Major developments last week tell us that this is the time for high pressure to get it declared a genocide and put full sanctions on Burma. A major body at the U.N. has called the crisis genocide and wants Burma’s commander-in-chief and others to be prosecuted for the genocide of the Rohingya people. The U.S. Ambassador at the U.N. Security Council has said that their survey results are “consistent” with the U.N. findings. The U.S. government’s official survey of the Rohingya survivors says:

  • 82% of Rohingya saw someone getting killed.
  • 45% of Rohingya witnessed a rape. 

Our Asks from the U.S. Govt: 

United States has done good work thanks to your efforts: the U.S. govt has committed $230 million for the Rohingya. 

Be appreciative before you ask:

  • United States should lead at the UN General Assembly to declare the Rohingya crisis a genocide. 
  • United States should put full sanctions on Burma, minus food and medicine, until it provides the Rohingya citizenship and security
  • Support the criminal trial of those responsible for genocide

President: Phone: 1-202-456-1111• Email: • Twitter: @realDonaldTrump @whitehouse @POTUS

Secretary of State: Phone: 1-202-647-4000  • Email: • Twitter: @SecPompeo

Use the following hashtags: #CallitGenocide #SaveRohingya #SaveKachin

Ask the Chinese Ambassador to Stop Attacks on Muslims: 

Ambassador Cui Tiankai: 1-202-495-2266• Email:

Tell him: “I know that 3 million Uyghur Muslims are detained by China in the detention camps without trial. 

  • Please stop targeting Muslims for practicing their faith. 
  • Stop supporting Burma which is committing a genocide.
  • China must not veto a UN resolution addressing human rights abuses in Burma. 

Tel: +1 202-495-2172; +1 202-495-2158; +1 202-495-2201
Policy Section Chief: Mr. Zhu Haiquan (counselor ) Tel: +1 202-495-2163 
Global & Regional Issues: +1 202-495-2161 
Economic Issues: +1 202-495-2167
Think-tank Liaison: +1 202-495-2352
Ms. Fang Hong Press Counselor & Spokesperson Tel: +1 202-495-2220 (Public Affairs) +1 202-495-2221 (U.S. Media)
Defense Attache Major General Zhang Li: +1 202-295-2500

Ask Muslim Countries to Stand up Against Rohingya Genocide:

Please call ambassadors of Muslim-Majority countries to the United Nations to 

  • Push the UN Security Council to call it genocide and put full sanctions on Burma until it gives them citizenship and security. 
  • Ask China to stop its anti-Muslim attitude that after supporting Rohingya genocide China has detained 3 million Muslims in concentration camps without trial or charge. Ask them not to veto UN resolutions on Burma.

Bangladesh Embassy: Phone: 202-244-0183• Email:

Indonesia Embassy: Phone: 1-1 (202) 775-5200 • Email: http:/ • Twitter: ‎@KBRIWashDC

Pakistan Embassy: Phone: 1(202)243-6500 • @PakEmbassyDC

Turkish Embassy: Phone: 1 202 612 67 01• Email: • Twitter: @TurkishEmbassy

Jordanian Embassy: (202) 966 – 2664 • Email: • Twitter: @JoEmbassyUS

Qatar Embassy: Phone: 12022741600 • Email:• Twitter: @QatarEmbassyUSA

Malaysia Embassy: Phone: 1.202.572.9700 • Email:• Twitter: @MYembassyWDC

Bosnia Embassy: Phone: 1-202-337- 1500 • Email: and• Facebook:


Assalamu alaikum and good morning! I am calling/we are calling on behalf of (Burma Task Force and insert your organization’s name) to encourage the (insert the country) Mission to oppose genocide and to support human rights protections. As you know, the Rohingyas have been under attack and a recent UN investigation has found that they are the victims of genocide.

Who should we be speaking to on staff about human rights protections in Burma?

Can you put us through to him/her? Can you put us through to the Ambassador’s office?

Do you have their email addresses?

Islamophobia is growing around the world and in Burma it has resulted in mass displacement, mass rape and mass atrocities. The government of Burma is trying to get away with genocidal policies. Will your nation’s government support strong sanctions on Burma, a resolution on Rohingya repatriation and a referral to the International Criminal Court? 

Without justice, there will just be continued persecution against other minority groups in Burma and also against Muslims around the world, like the Palestinians, the Uighur people of China, the Muslims of India and many more.

Thank you.

Why it is critical?

We must stop the Rohingya genocide. Failing to do that will encourage other countries to attack minorities. For example, India following the Burmese model, has taken away the citizenship of 4 million Muslims and China has sent 3 million+ Uyghur Muslims to Chinese concentration camps.

God controls the world, we don’t. But it is our duty to stand up in prayers and in actions. 

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