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Your Two Calls Today Are Critical For Rohingyas

AsSalamu Alaykum.

We need you to make just a couple of calls today. These may be the most important calls to stop the genocide of Rohingyas in Burma.

We are facing a major fork in the road in our campaign to save our Rohingya brothers and sisters. The government of Bangladesh might refuse to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its trial of Burma. As a result, the very important work of the ICC in determining Burma’s responsibility in the genocide could be blocked, giving free had to the Burmese government and army which have already started attacking Christians in Burma.

While Burma Task Force lawyers are on the ICC case, we need urgent pressure on Bangladesh now.

Her Excellency, Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasinah, is currently visiting Canada for a G7 meeting.


  • IN USA: Call the Bangladesh ambassador to the United States, H.E. Mohammad Ziauddin, at (202) 244-0183 (if no one picks up, use extension no. 237)
  • Then call your Senator and Congressperson to call Bangladesh Ambassador to ask Bangladesh to support ICC.
  • Canada: H.E. High Commissioner Mr. Mizanur Rahman: phone: +1-613-236-0138, email:
  • UK: H.E. High Commissioner Md. Nazmul Quaunine, phone +44 (20) 7584 0081, email:
  • Australia: H.E. High Commissioner Mr. Muhammad Sufiur Rahman, phone: +61 2 6290 0511, email:
  • Germany: H.E. Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed, phone: +49 30 3989 7531, email:
  • France: H.E. Ambassador Mr. Kazi Imtiaz Hossain, phone: 01 46 51 90 33, cell:
  • Japan: H.E. Ambassador Ms. Rabab Fatima. phone: +813 3234 5801. email:
  • Other Countries: Just google Bangladesh ambassador to your country

One Ask:

  • Bangladesh must say YES to the International Criminal Court

Talking Points:

  • We thank Bangladesh for its hospitality toward the Rohingyas.
  • Burma only listens to real international pressure, and ICC pressure helps ensure they will take Rohingya back and recognize their citizenship.
  • A genocide must be punished.


  • International Criminal Court (ICC) has asked Bangladesh if they support ICC prosecution of Burma.
  • Bangladesh saying yes is critical since they are a signatory to ICC while Burma is not.
  • Now Christians in Burma are being attacked since the world did not do anything after Rohingyas were raped, killed and deported.
  • Here is the wording of the question the ICC has asked Bangladesh:
    • Thus, the Chamber invites the competent authorities of Bangladesh to submit written observations, either publicly or confidentially, on the following matters:
      • (i) the circumstances surrounding the presence of members of the Rohingya people from Myanmar on the territory of Bangladesh;
      • (ii) the possibility of the Court’s exercise of territorial jurisdiction over the alleged deportation of members of the Rohingya people from Myanmar into Bangladesh; and
      • (iii) any other matter in connection with the Prosecutor’s Request that, in the opinion of the competent authorities of Bangladesh, would assist the Chamber in its determination of this Request.

Please Donate

Burma Task Force is the UNITED coalition which is coordinating legal action at the ICC trial, got Canada and US to increase its aid to Rohingyas to half a billion dollars, got congressional resolutions passed, and much more. We have been able to do that because of YOUR support. YOUR Calls and YOUR donations.


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