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Please Help Rohingyas Fight Back

A Rohingya woman in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Photo credit: Burma Task Force

As-Salamu Alaykum.

Over the last four days our attorney was in Hague, Netherlands, at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Today she and our team are flying to Bangladesh meeting the survivors of genocide and rape that we represent.

It is an important step for which Burma Task Force has been preparing for the last 8 months, gathering testimonies, preserving evidence, engaging scholars of international law, initiating a consulting group of the lawyers with experience of the International Criminal Court, etc.

This is just one way Burma Task Force works. Burma Task Force is the only dedicated team of experts and staff which is solely focused on stopping genocide in the whole world.

It has been your support which makes these efforts possible. Please donate today, whatever you can, even 3 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, or any other amount counts.

Donate Now

Once you have donated, please do the following:

  • Forward this request to you friends.
  • Ask your masjid to donate from their zakat to stop genocide in Burma. Three of the seven categories of zakat apply to the work which we do. Many masjids have already sent us their checks. Burma Task Force was started with masjid funding and is sustained by it.
  • Also put our appeal on social media.
  • If you need more details, email us at

I just returned from Paris last night. I was invited to deliver a strategic presentation at the French Parliament where a few members of the Parliament had organized a Rohingya conference. Dr. Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Laureate and the Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament, was among the distinguished speakers. Dr. Ebadi spoke passionately about the urgent need of trying Suu Kyi on her crimes of not stopping this genocide.

The Rape Victim Project:

While documenting crimes we met several rape victims in desperate circumstances. Whereas our primary focus is stopping genocide, we cannot remain silent toward victims we meet while documenting their tragedy. For that reason we had a silent ongoing project which helps the victims. Now we are expanding it. And we need your support for it.

  • We are providing training to our sisters, the teenage victims of rape currently living in the refugee camps, with sewing skills.
  • Once they learn the skill we donate them a sewing machine. Some have already received sewing machines as they completed their training.
  • This Burma Task Force operation needs to be urgently scaled up due to increased trafficking of these victims who are mostly without family support.
  • The UN survey determined that 52% of those they interviewed were raped. They found that the Burmese military took our sisters in masjid, raping them there to terrorize the community into running away

Donate Now

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Abdul Malik Mujahid

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