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Call Congress Today: Rohingya Ramadan

Assalamu Alaikum

Ramadan Mubarak

Penniless and homeless Rohingyas started their Ramadan as well.

The last Ramadan they could not even enter a mosque in Burma. All mosques were shut down in their area since 2012. Friday prayers and Eid were both illegal.

About 129,000 Rohingyas began Ramadan in the concentration camps of Burma. The military marched them to these camps in 2012. They are among the 500,000 or so Rohingyas being starved to death in Burma in what Kristof of New York Times calls the slow motion genocide.

A million other Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh are fasting in searing heat in bamboo and tarpaulin shacks. There is no where to hide in the scorching temperatures of humid monsoon season as there are no trees to give comfort.

Rohingyas are patient people. They are thankful to God and thankful to anyone who helps.

However, we have responsibility to stop this genocide.3 Action Items for Today

1. Call your congressperson:

The House Res 4223 is now substituted by H.R.5819. 70 Representatives have already co-sponsored it. It is much weaker than the earlier bill but it is better than nothing. Today the House Foreign Relations Committee is expected to discuss it.

Please call your Congressperson asking them to sponsor if they have not done so.

Text of the bill • Sponsors • Find your representative

2. Donate:

It is your donations that help raise US contribution from 30 million to more than 200 million dollars. Now we must put full sanctions on Burma to force them to take Rohingya back to their ancestral homes in Burma with security and citizenship.

Please donate your zakat today to stop this genocide.

Donate Now

3. Dua

Last but not the least, please keep Rohingya people in your heart.

Make dua for them as you make dua for yourself and your family. And make sure that imam remembers Rohingyas in masjid as we all pray together.

May God continue to give us the blessings we enjoy and may He bless us to remember those of His creation in need.


Burma Task Force Team

Burma Task Force is the united effort working for the last six years to stop the persecution of Rohingyas.

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