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Genocide Against Rohingyas Must Be Punished & Prevented

AsSalamu Alaykum,

You will be pleased to know that the barrister retained by Burma Task Force has now filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on behalf of the Rohingya victims of Burmese genocide.

Read the filings • Other ICC case documents

This would not have been possible without your support. When we talk to Rohingya refugees in the camps the number one thing they ask for is JUSTICE.

With your support we will continue to do that.

Here are a short list of things which we have done to strive for justice:

  • The Genocide Documentation Project: Burma Task Force initiated the documentation project working with Rohingya survivors in September 2017:
    • So far 160 testimonies have been recorded by three teams of Burma Task Force from 10 different Rohingya villages in Burma.
    • We have developed detailed insight about the Tula Toli village massacre where an estimated 1,500 people were murdered. This became the basis of our filing at the International Criminal Court.
    • We are now finalizing a project which will develop testimonies of 300 other survivors including the in-depth study of five villages.
    • These survey forms have been developed in consultation with three international human rights lawyers including a professor of law.
  • International Criminal Court (ICC):
    • We initiated a conversation with international human rights lawyers in March 2018.
    • We retained the services of barrister Megan Hirst in London with ten years of ICC experience defending victims. She retained another barrister to help.
    • We arranged for her visit to meet victims, get power of attorney signed along with a subject expert, and interpreter.
    • Now she is representing these victims of Tula Toli with her filing at the ICC.
    • ICC has received the response of Bangladesh government and now they have asked Burma to respond.
  • We filed a lawsuit in US Court Against Burma based on the Magnitsky Act.
    • We filed the lawsuit on then Burmese President Thein Sein and other culprits, with the impact that he then canceled his trip to the US.
    • The case was dismissed when the Secret Service prevented us from serving summons to Burmese leaders with diplomatic positions. Serving summons was our responsibility.
    • Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 establishes a universal jurisdiction for the prosecution of international crimes.

In addition to advancing the prosecution in the ICC, Burma Task Force is also pursuing litigation against Myanmar through the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction. Universal Jurisdiction allows victims redress against their oppressors, regardless of when or where such crimes have occurred. Several countries including Canada allow for universal jurisdiction. It means cases for Rohingya victims can be filed in several countries through their court systems. That is another reason to be very thorough with our documentation project.

Burma Task Force is working methodically and diligently to achieve justice for Rohingya people.

All this work is done because of your trust and your donations. Thank you. Please keep up your support.

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The World Must Take Genocide Seriously

The genocide treaty calls for the prevention of genocide as well as the punishment of its culprits.

This is the main reason governments shy away from using the “G” word because of the obligation under the genocide convention.

This is exactly the reason that Burma Task Force is calling it a genocide since we determine that this is what it is.

Burma Task Force is the one who lead 7 Nobel Peace Laureates to declare at the Oslo conference in Norway in 2015 to declare it a textbook case of genocide. Here is the text of the statement issued right at the Nobel Peace Institute where the prizes are given out.

“What Rohingyas are facing is a textbook case of genocide in which an entire indigenous community is being systematically wiped out by the Burmese government.”

Let’s Not Forget the Lessons of Never Again:

Going forward, Burma Task Force will continue to pursue every possible route to justice for the Rohingya. Like the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their allies, who did not give up pursuing their Nazi oppressors until Eichmann was brought to trial, Burma Task Force will continue to spearhead the effort to bring Myanmar’s war criminals to justice.

The lessons learned from the Holocaust are the following and we must insist on its application in all cases of genocide:

Never Again: A genocide must never be tolerated.

Uphold the human rights charter for all people.

A genocide treaty must be invoked for the world to prevent genocide.

Document crimes with evidence and pursue for justice no matter how long it takes.

Please continue to pray. God controls the world, we don’t. But He will ask what did you do when you knew. That will determine our success and failure in His eyes. We submit to Him and seek His blessings for every step of our life.


Abdul Malik Mujahid

Chair (Volunteer)

p.s. Please mark August 25, 2018 on your calendars as Rohingya Day marking the 1st anniversary of the Rohingya genocide.

p.p.s. Please ask your interfaith partners to stand up in support of Kachin Christians of Burma. Burmese military is doing to Kachins now what they did to Rohingyas last year.    Text Now to Help End Genocide!

Text BURMA to 41411 to stay up to date about the Rohingya Genocide!

Donatesupport and volunteer with Burma Task Force. BTF is one of the few campaigns devoted to raising awareness and advocating full time to stop the genocide against the Rohingya Muslims!

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