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Action Alert: Myanmar Times Reinstate Fiona MacGregor!

As you know, the military of Burma has been committing atrocities in the name of cracking down on terrorism in Rakhine State. They’ve been raping civilians, killing suspects without trying them in court & burning whole villages. The only reason we know about this is because of the brave people who report the news for us, both citizens and professional journalists.

One such professional journalist, Fiona MacGregor, has done an outstanding job revealing crimes committed against the Rohingya. Reporting for the Myanmar Times, the Guardian, and others, she’s been a beacon to those who care for the Rohingya cause. Infuriatingly MacGregor was fired from the Myanmar Times yesterday for writing an article about the rape of Rohingya women during the crack down.

This sympathetic voice for Rohingya cannot be lost to the media. Nor should she have to suffer back-lash for simply telling the truth. Take ten minutes to modify the following letters. Send the first one to our contacts at organizations dedicated to protecting journalists. Send the second one to the leadership of the Myanmar Times. Call the State Department and ask them to speak out for freedom of the press in Burma. And make sure to post this action alert to your social media so the world comes to know.

If you have more than ten minutes, please take the time to read the following articles by MacGregor & contact her expressing your sympathy and appreciation.

Thank you for all you do,
Burma Task Force

Committee to Protect Journalists
+1 212-465-1004
The publisher of this guide, CPJ is an independent nonprofit press freedom organization that defends the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. The organization monitors and advocates on behalf of journalists under threat and in prison around the world, documenting hundreds of press freedom violations each year and reporting on press freedom conditions in every country.

Southeast Asian Press Alliance
+66 2-2435579 
The Southeast Asian Press Alliance works for press freedom in SE Asia. Established in Bangkok in 1998, it brings together independent journalists for advocacy and protection.

World Press Freedom Committee
The WPFC is a consortium of international news organizations that defends press freedom internationally. The group conducts research on press freedom violations and censorship and insult laws & monitors the cases of journalists jailed around the world.

Confederation of ASEAN journalists…/
Asia Journalist Association

Myanmar Times:
Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief – Bill Tegjeu

Chief Operating Officer – Aung Saw Min

Head Office: 379/383 Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: (01) 253 642, 392 928

USA Government:
Secretary John Kerry, Department of the Secretary of State:
Call: 202-647-9572
Twitter: @JohnKerry, @StateDept

Canadian Government:
The Honourable Stéphane Dion, MP:
Call: 613-996-5789
Twitter: @MinCanadaFA

Fiona MacGregor:…/22844-are-they-starving-former-idps-now-runni……/23096-oppression-s-spawn-plagues-rakhine-stat……/23151-state-media-gloss-on-rakhine-conditions……/23326-dozens-of-rapes-reported-in-northern-ra……/23365-blanket-denials-of-rakhine-abuses-threa…
Twitter: @FiMacGregor

Dear [Stakeholder],

I am writing to express my dismay at the firing of acclaimed journalist Fiona MacGregor from the Myanmar Times. MacGregor reported on the raping of Rohingya civilians by Burmese military personnel during the crackdown after police outpost attacks on 9 October. The paper, which has strong ties to state actors and state media, terminated her not because she told untruth, but because she damaged their reputation. Ms. MacGregor was fired for essentially doing her job.

As a representative of an organization dedicated to protect journalists and their freedom to publish the truth without fear of retribution I urgently request that you speak out and unequivocally condemn the actions of the Myanmar Times. Communicate on her behalf to authorities with jurisdiction over employment law in Burma, insisting that she be reinstated and that damages be paid her for the humiliation and loss of compensation she has suffered. Consider honoring her with an award for her bravery in speaking truth to power, and the sacrifice she has made for journalistic integrity.

Thank you very much,

Dear [Official],

I am writing to express my anger with the firing of Fiona MacGregor from the Myanmar Times. MacGregor was terminated for reporting on the rape of Rohingya civilians by Burmese military personnel. The reason listed for sacking her was not that she had misrepresented any facts – quite the contrary. She’d revealed facts that the Burmese Government would rather keep hidden, and was essentially fired for doing her job.

If Ms. MacGregor is not immediately reinstated, as well as compensated for her lost work hours, pain & suffering, the MMT will go down in history as an unreliable, unethical paper that cares more about keeping up appearances for the Government than journalistic integrity. You must rectify this dreadful error in judgment immediately.

Thank you,

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