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Burma Task Force Asks The UN Security Council To Do More To Stop Genocide Of Rohingyas

Press Release

7 November 2017

Burma Task Force Asks the UN Security Council to do more to stop genocide of Rohingyas

Chicago, IL. – November 7, 2017 – Burma Task Force  welcomes UN Security Council resolution 13055, condemning Myanmar in strong terms for widespread violence that has displaced over 600,000 Rohingya forced to flee to Bangladesh. In addition, Resolution 13055 calls on Myanmar to abide by its obligations and commitments to human rights, implement the Kofi Annan Commission’s recommendations and provide full access to relief agencies.

The resolution is significant in that it is the first on Myanmar after a 10 year silence, and required the support of China to pass, whereas previously China had blocked efforts to censure and hold Myanmar to account. The Bangladeshi ambassador’s efforts at the UN also represent a sustained effort to remain engaged and not allow the atrocities against the Rohingya to be forgotten or sidelined as has happened in the past.

Imam Malik Mujahid, chair of Burma Task Force, commenting on the resolution noted that it didn’t go far enough, “The resolution is a good first step, and welcome after a lapse of 10 years during which the Rohingya have continued to suffer. However, as a world community we need to go from mere condemnation of Myanmar to actual implementation of a mechanism to urgently end the genocide against the Rohingya.”

Burma Task Force is a coalition of  19 North American Muslim organizations


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