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Burmese President To Be Given Peace Award

In the midst of violence against the Rohingya Muslims in his country, Burmese President Thein Sein will be given a peace award by the International Crisis Group.

The group said the award was being given because: “Myanmar has initiated a remarkable and unprecedented set of reforms since President Thein Sein’s government took over in March 2011, including freeing hundreds of political prisoners, liberalizing the press and promoting dialogue with the main opposition party.” Read the entire story here.

While Burma may have made some strides, the continued human rights violations against the Rohingya prove just how far the country has to go before any of its leaders should be given a peace award.

Thein Sein himself has said in the past that the solution to the crisis against the Rohingyas was to send them to any country that would have them. That’s hardly a resolution that warrants a prize.


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