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UN Declares Burma Committed Genocide on Rohingya

Rohingya refugees walk at Balukhali Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, Monday, Aug. 27, 2018. Investigators working for the U.N.’s top human rights body said Monday that Myanmar military leaders should be prosecuted for genocide against Rohingya Muslims, taking the unusual step of identifying six by name among those behind deadly, systematic crimes against the ethnic minority. Altaf Qadri / AP Photo

One year since Burmese security kicked out almost all of Burma’s Muslim Rohingya ethnic group, United Nations investigators now call for prosecutions of genocide against the Burmese military for the slaughter and displacement of nearly one million Rohingya. Last week, we spoke with Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, founder of Burma Task Force USA. The group draws attention to plight of Rohingya refugees now living perilous lives in Bangladesh camps. He’s back to give his opinions on the UN announcement. Iman Mujahid will also recap this past weekend’s remembrances for the Rohingya catastrophe his group organized across North America, including Chicago.We’ll also hear a report from the BBC’s Myanmar correspondent, Nick Beake, who has been visiting the camps.

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