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UN Panel

BTF assisted

United Nation’s Panel

with speakers Arun Jain, UNHCR, Moderator Eva Richter, NGO Committee on Migration, Myra Dahgaypaw, US Campaign for Burma, Adem Carroll Burma Task Force

Adem Carroll from Burma Task Force took part in a United Nation’s Panel where he exposed the complexities of the Rohingya genocide taking place in Burma so that the UN and other attending NGOs could more effectively focus their advocacy and interventions. While contributing to the understanding of who the Rohingya people are historically, he also gave a clear social and economic analysis of how the Rohingya contributed to Burma. 

Besides Adem’s presentation, there was an on-the-ground analysis from UNHCR of what some of the most immediate issues are, how they are dealing with them, and what it might take to resolve, or at least mitigate, the crisis. Myra Dahgaypaw from US Campaign for Burma was able to give a highly nuanced and complex account of the multi-ethnic tensions and how and why the government of Myanmar has exploited those tensions.

Overall, the attending NGOs were able to exit the informative panel with a richly layered picture of the present crisis.

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