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Action Alert – Rohingya Camps In Crisis

The Bay of Bengal has been hit by heavy rains from a tropical depression [UPDATE: This became Cyclone Komen]. While this is affecting all countries in the region, the Rohingya in Rakhine state are particularly vulnerable. Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, 21st Century concentration camps according to a New York Times report, are flooding and the Burmese government does not allow aid agencies to help the Rohingya it forces to live there. The Burmese government must end this cruel policy!

      Though some media have reported about this regional weather situation, the conventional media have not been reporting how the heavy rain is affecting the Rohingya in particular. We all know how devastating heavy floods can be. For a vulnerable, persecuted, poor population that is denied the help from relief groups – the situation is hardly imaginable. The Burmese government must allow relief agencies to help the Rohingya, and to allow them to build adequate housing in the IDP camps until the Rohingya are allowed to return to their proper homes.

Please see the Action Alert below to see how you can help.


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