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Chicago #Rohingya Rally: Justice Now!

On Sunday, October 30, over one hundred demonstrators gathered in the West Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago’s northside to rally for #Rohingya rights, and against the on-going military operation that has targeted their communities in their ancient homeland of Burma. After two-weeks of almost a complete media blackout news reports for the past week have started to report on the situation and also note Suu Kyi’s deadly silence. The situation is critical and the concern of demonstrators was palpable.

Most touching was seeing the participation of the youth, boys and girls, many of whom were born in refugee camps and have seen more struggle in their lives than most adults ever will. These youth are the next generation and they will carry the struggle for Rohingya self-determination if they must; my prayer is that they don’t have to and that the Rohingya will have justice soon.

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