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Adem Carroll Interview On WCRN’s “The Perspective” With Asima Silva

Burma Task Force USA’s UN Programs Director, Adem Carroll was interviewed by Asima Silva, host of WCRN’s radio program “The Perspective” on World Refugee Day. Adem, spoke on the history of Burma and how the Rohingya fit into the region and the nation’s history.

Adem, also touched on Buddhist nationalism and how it contributes to the persecution of Rohingya. “Burma has about 50 million inhabitants of different ethnic groups. As you can tell, the Rohingya Muslims are a small porportion and yet the nationalists have whipped up hysteria that they’re taking over and are a threat” he said.

Adem went on to speak on how the Rohingya, erased and denied their own identity “are subject to mass rapes and war crimes” by the Burmese military and the work that Burma Task Force is doing to end the genocide.

Listen to the complete 3 parts:

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