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Food Flotilla Planned To Aid Rohingya: Burma Says “NO!”

An aid flotilla for Rohingya Muslims carrying food and emergency supplies is scheduled to sail from Malaysia for Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine State at the end January 2017.

The Burmese Foreign Ministry has asked Malaysia to block aid to the Rohingya. Myanmar’s Home Affairs Minister calls the act of charity ‘an insult.’ Despite resistance Zulhanis Zainol, The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations Secretary-General said, “Even if we do not receive a response, we will continue to sail as we believe this is an important humanitarian mission.” The flotilla will be carrying 1,000 tons of rice, medical aid and other essentials for the Rohingya. The mission is scheduled to sail to Sittwe in Rakhine, the latest by Jan 31, 2017.

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