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Wild Claims Used To Justify Continuing Genocide Of Rohingya

A Buddhist monk has made some outrageous claims in order to justify the ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Rohingya. 

“… claiming themselves as Rohingars, they are trying to demand a separate home land. They also burned their houses by themselves as if it was done by Burmese Buddhists.”- Sitagu Monk Nyanneisaya, 21 Aug 2

See his entire statement here:

However, in a press release The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Visit to Burma, the Statement of Commissioners M. Zuhdi Jasser and Eric P. Schwartz upon completing a five-day visit to Burma indicate that these claims are far from true. “No impartial observers question reports of systematic, large-scale & egregious abuses of human rights of this (Rohingya) community.” 

See the entire report here:

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