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How The Rohingya Have Been Excluded From Myanmar’s Landmark Elections

Clear evidence of the fact that the anti-Muslim movement is coordinated by the Myanmar government itself is now out in the open, with research conducted by multiple organizations, still awaiting comment from the government.

An article in The Nation summarizes the grievances of the Rohingya, particularly regarding the upcoming elections.

“The exclusion of the Rohingya is a direct threat to the integrity of the electoral process. Their disenfranchisement is part of a concerted state effort to appeal to a growing ultra-nationalist, anti-Muslim movement, which is a tangible threat to the future of Myanmar’s political transition. It is abundantly clear that religion has come to dominate the vote, and that the rights of the Rohingya are seen as expendable.”

All eyes are focused on the world’s leaders now, who unfortunately have yet to take significant action against these injustices.

“It is vital that discrimination end both in policy and in practice. Key international actors, including the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations, do hold influence and should actively push the government of Myanmar to amend all legislation that promotes discriminatory policies against the Rohingya and other minorities. This should include the restoration of voting rights for the Rohingya and scrapping the so-called “protection of race and religion” bills. The government should also restore citizenship rights for the Rohingya. Myanmar should allow full humanitarian access to displacement camps, as well as either safe return for those who have fled or support for those who choose resettlement. The government should be pressured to actively fight hate speech and hate crimes, and to vigorously prosecute those who commit such crimes.”

Read the rest of the story here.


Burma Task Force encourages everyone to use the hashtag #LetRohingyaVote in their social media posts. Let’s make this a trending topic and raise awareness about this injustice!

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