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Rohingya Woman Fleeing Burma Sold Into Marriage

She fled Burma in hopes of a better life in Malaysia, and she literally had to sell herself into marriage in order to get off of the boat.

An article in the Irish Times tells the story of Ambiya Khatu, whose family was unable to pay the ransom money to the smugglers, so a stranger offered to pay for her if she married him.

“She joined the hundreds of young Rohingya women from Burma sold into marriage as the price of escaping violence and poverty in their homeland. While some Rohingya women agree to such marriages to escape imprisonment or worse at the hands of smugglers, others are tricked or coerced.

Read the rest of the story here.

Burma Task Force encourages everyone to use the hashtag #LetRohingyaVote in their social media posts. Let’s make this a trending topic and raise awareness about this injustice.


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