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Action Alert: Call Out Pakistan and Bangladesh’s attending Myanmar Celebration

Shocking news reports indicate that on March 27, both Bangladesh and Pakistan sent dignitaries to attend the Tatmadaw’s Armed Forces Day festivities, along with India and Russia, while other nations stayed away. While the Military Generals awarded each other medals at lavish parties, their soldiers killed over 100 nonviolent protesters and innocent bystanders. And the next day, the military began to drop bombs.

It’s time to hold these “Muslim” governments responsible for showing support for brutal murderers. Please write, especially if your speak and write in Bangla and Urdu, but everyone please speak up:

Contacts in Pakistan Government:

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi @SMQureshiPTI

Please cc: and @PakistanUN_NY and as well as


Is Pakistan on the side of the people of multiethnic Burma, or its military? Pakistan must show it supports Democracy. Please add that we share concerns about India’s threats to deport Rohingya to Burma from Jammu during this dangerous time.

Contacts in Bangladesh Government:
Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam, @MdShahriarAlam and @MoFA_Bangladesh

Please copy FS Momen @AKAbdulMomen and and

Copy @BDDiplomacy and Dhaka Tribune


Bangladesh is well known for hosting over 1 million Rohingya refugees, but under its military domination Burma is highly unlikely to allow Rohingya to return home or to regain rights. Bangladesh must not show any support for the military coup leaders. Why did Bangladesh attend the parade? Having just marked March 26 Independence Day, many Bangladeshis will remember what it is like to be abused by a brutal military.

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