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Pakistan Petition: Do Not Arm Burmese Military. Do Not Aid Rohingya Genocide

The Burmese military has persecuted Rohingya Muslims for decades. Since October, the Myanmar military has been involved in a “clearance operation” in Rohingya areas.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Must Not Sell JF-17 Fighter Jets To Burma while it perpetuates genocide against the Rohingya.


Go to or to join our petition:

Pakistan: Don’t Sell Fighter Jets To Myanmar As It Commits Genocide vs. Rohingya Muslims

The main points of the petition follow:

a) Pakistan has previously spoken up for the rights of the Rohingya and we urge it to continue to do so.

b) It is hypocritical for Pakistan to speak up for Rohingya and sell Fighter Jets to the same military persecuting them.

c) Pakistan must condition its sale of Fighter Jets to Burma on an end to the genocide against Rohingya and a restoration of their citizenship.

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